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All samples of commercial glycerinated lymph that I

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excellent man in medicine and in surgery, as lie teaches

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was not made out. The cervix was long and firm, and the external

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Dr. Osterlob (Cciitralbl. f. Gyn,, 1903, No. 3) reports two

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in medical literature and medical work, and, as far as

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" Zeltscnr. i. Ortnop. Chlr., vol. ix, part i, p. 30.

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rences of the day, which, while doubtless possessing certain

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results of operations for appendicitis, Gage, H., 395; tetany in gastric

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tality was high, 20, or 24.5 per cent, terminating fatally. (16)

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portant to the surgeon in arriving at the diagnosis,

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coughing in most phthisical patients. Unpleasant, severe, and de-

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Diphtheria with Antitoxin," is of great value in this connection.

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interfering in the least with the normal progress of pregnancy and

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fection that could be thought of, and even in the ab-

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chloride of barium on the heart. Making his preliminary experi-

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Washing out the stomach removes the material which irritates the

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would be obliged to report the number of persons whom they sup-

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several convulsions, improved a little after bleeding

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to a hospital for the confinement. The assurance of

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essential points (of anesthetics) in as small a form


days' extension of leave of absence from Nov. 24. Nov. 20,

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death, and in no case has the peristaltic action of

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tively slight, and in fact, Neuman 5 considers that

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assistants. Whatever is indicated in medicine, surgery, hydro-

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great thirst, ravenous appetite, and frequent micturition; passes

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lute-prohibition of all forms of nourishment and cathartics by

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Harper Hospital, and at the same time removed the polypus.

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From whooping cough, New York (i, Philadelphia 3, Bos-

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Tobacco, experiments to determine the effects of 778

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out that earlier statistics were notoriously incom-

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this is a legal question which should be carefully investigated.

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house it means " good-bye forever." Great dread is as-

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only once in the blood, but he has grown it in two cases out of

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