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Dr. David, of Montpellier, France, celebrated his load birth-
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M. W. Baker, acting assistant surgeon. Ordered to the
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is exclusively cortical, the short tracts having no
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days from May 2, 1902, under paragraph 179 of the regula-
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the great similarity in the symptom complex as seen
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Irwin, Fairfax, surgeon. Bureau telegram of Dec. 27,
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days to develop the special sense of taste. The sense of touch
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Savill, M.D. Second edition. New York : Wm. Wood &
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to the use of pork of local origin, and in very many
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Dr. Swoboda (Medical Press, March 25, 1903) at a recent
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tion of local Bigns was not. a favorable symptom, and
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gall-bladder, having almost the exact size, shape, and location
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J. P. Traynor, assistant surgeon. Ordered to the Naval
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right ureteral eminence; it is apparently normal, yet

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