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The radical cure by operation is the best method of treat-
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ated around the important blood-vessels it is the only proper
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a distinct degeneration of the muscle fibres, — the
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other small bands in other parts of the abdomen were
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fancy, and she went home, sal do»vii to the piano,
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a year, and that five were eventually cured. The only efficacious
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work of individual prophylaxis that particularly falls upon the
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actinic rays for fifteen minutes for healing effect. No
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a bright red ecchymosis, showing that this gland and
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late years expression, so called, has been generally
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powers of the tissues to the syphilitic virus. Hence
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tube — a focus tube — is very low, the electrical force behind very
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should lie considered chiefly or solely, Providence
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births would result. The statistical consolation to be derived
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of phosphoric acid excreted; secondly, a diminution in absolute
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seated inflammatory process. No demonstrable influence over
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of influenza, Lord, F. T., 662; bacteriology as an aid to diagnosis, 685.
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wrong, an illusion. The one is a correct, the other
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intrafollicular abscesses should discharge into the
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corder of a Board of Medical Officers, Naval Academy,
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tween the sessions for those who come from a distance.
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In cases of rapid resolution the leucocytosis curve follows
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practised in that city for a considerable time. Later he
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Goldschreider ~ and by Seimerling 3 as being charac-
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of accomplishing this, and at sixty-two a hospital surgeon should
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tadactyl limb, and its essential characteristic is the
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Dr. H. C. Matthews of Brooklyn, N. Y., a graduate of
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sacrum, and the other with two fingers behind the cervix to lift
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bacilli are widely distributed and have been found in the dust,
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But while the treatment given is found in the text-books in
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of absence for twenty-eight days from Sept. 5. Sept. 10,
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it did so, would not the arc light, concentrated by lenses or
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