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lation to each Other. Tiiis fad is due t<> the lack
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boards of health, called to consider the dangers threatened by the
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care or skill if the result be fatal is indictable.
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Dr. Tyler was connected with the Health Department of
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women, not in men : it is the "pigmentation syphilide." This is
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H. P. Moseley {American Medicine, Jan. 31, 1903) says
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advocates nevertheless its use in typhoid fever with
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Temperature continued high with oscillations of 4°;
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late Nature's laws, and at the same time retain his
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months. An attack is ushered in by a distinct aura, commencing
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testine was found at about the midpoint of the ileum,
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ft, cafa he seen in the macerated heart and also in
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this is not a necessary result of training, or even
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strual function, indicating that ovulation occurs independent of
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were soon accompanied by excessive flowing, which in
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is very prevalent in the Southern States, where it is often mis-
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estimation is often at fault they have to fall back on certain con-
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Statistical reports confirm the fact that suicide is common at all
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while in the periphery of the cell the Nissl bodies
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years he receives $650 a year, and four years later — that is, after
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obliged to stand holding the leg or to sit down. The
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from the streptococcus intracellularis (diplococcus intracellularis
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It is pretty hard for me to turn around and spell this.
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The symptoms are about the same in most cases of diarrhea.
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Mr. Editor: At varying periods of life the question

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