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Treatment. — Injection of 5 minims of the silver, pre-

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York 2. From smallpox New York 1, Philadelphia 1, Bos-

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ford 16.8, Bradford 15.4. Leeds 16.6, Sheffield 15.8, Hull

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used are a proctoscope, a bistoury with a long handle, a special

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which resulted in an alarming seizure of convulsions. From this

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In the seventy-six great towns of England and Wales,

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request of the state and three at the request of the de-

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large capital, and they are urging the adoption of the badge sys-

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J. C. Pryor, passed assistant surgeon. Detached from

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small sinuses around pituitary body were enlarged and

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dity we see the deteriorating influences of refine-

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This is a dictionary of medicine in compact form, the object of which

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