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tion; 848, acute lung diseases 211, consumption 358, scarlet

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After it was all over, Bigelow quietly observed to the

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cases and find it invaluable as an antiseptic, deodorizer

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"By Charles E. de M. Sajous, M.D. In February, 1902, number of

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for the United States, Canada and Mexico ; $6.56 per year for all

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persuaded that full vaccination will prevent small-

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infection had been contracted less than forty-five days previously.

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tracted caecum, was observed in all. The appendix was only

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which was absolutely black in color. Its mesenteric

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about the shape and consistency of the kidney. There

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these cases is applied to the urine taken from each

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the disease is conveyed by inoculation, the initial

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twenty- four hours), and unless distinctly contraindicated, a

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needless laparotomies was well characterized at the

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Now, having observed most of the cases reported, as

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siderable caution to get into the sac, and skill to

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and become a citizen, he recently sent to Italy for

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the " Influence of Colloids upon Crystalline Forms and

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of the active clinician to master these differences

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Case III. Dora Z., age fifty-four, mai - ried, was ad-

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ceptible lesion exists — can hardly be included in

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coli to dysentery and intestinal ulceration, not to

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and expect equally candid replies, such as a child in a healthy state

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