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is that they are produced, not by the caustic effect
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2. The extravasated fluid trickles into the iliac fossa, and
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which he obtained from the tonsils of patients suffering from acute
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this washing was done twice daily ; for the next eleven
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The prompt employment of the antitoxin arrested the disease in
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terior surface of what was supposed to be the biceps.
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cetes" (torulae) are essentially nodules of peculiar
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Swan, W. E. Bacterial flora of the vaginal and cervical canal in health
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lower trunk muscles are also completely paralyzed, so
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McFarlane, Murray. Canadian Journal of Medicine and
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We believe that such an era of health, happiness, and pros-
the institutions benefited are the following: St. Luke's
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Richardson, IH. U. Remarks on cancer of the uterus, 89, 105; the
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work, — and at the autopsy found to have lost only
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tained some particles of bone, but there was no intention to pro-
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bacilli in the virus. None but tested animals, known
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cinated fifteen times, but it was found that his mother
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caused by the presence of the medical man do not exist, and this
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content ourselves with the examination of the feces alone to estab-

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