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sociation will be held at Hotel Bellevue, Boston, Mass.,
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cular and Nervous Systems. By E. A. Schafer, LL.D.,
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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Allied Sciences, published at
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dependent, while in the human being there appears, to be little
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strong family history of tuberculosis; (b) an infancy passed under
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power in the right leg is in the anterior tibial group,
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inuria, and that the preference of a milk or white meat diet has
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protection of other patients and my family, and that
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Billroth. Archiv. f . klin. Chir., 1865, vi, 406-408.
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It was my good fortune to win the cordial approval of the family
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gling with some foreign substance, and a timely intra-uterine
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the venous blood possesses a powerful bactericidal property, espe-
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being circulated for signatures, and reads as follows :
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duty as a member of the Medical Examining Board, Naval
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the improvement under this treatment is better than
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shriveled, and easily detachable from the tumor. Within the
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Schulen und in R&umen f"r Bffentliche Erholung und
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. perior to anything of the kind he had ever before
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tion can be overcome by connecting the pronator radii teres mus-
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per cc. have been found. When 50 to 70% glycerine is
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beneath the femoral artery. A tentative diagnosis was
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of medicine, and if he neglects or ignores asepsis in
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ringing noise in his head. He coughs some, and expec-
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est possible trace ; chlorides normal ; sugar, bile,
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from the " Olympia " and ordered to the " Kearsarge."
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supply. For the most part there is little change in the cells of
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colored, unexploded cartridge, 4.57 gm. The shot in
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size, reaching often that of a good-sized hen's egg. They are
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Any chest more than eighteen years of age which shows an

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