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levothyroxine sodium injection usp monograph
sult. This, I think, until it is explained, must be
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extension can take place. The marked peculiarity of cancer of the
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bound to protect its citizens Us far as possible from
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are principally aimed at. M. Laborde, who is the chairman of
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attack, the first and only one seen in this patient ;
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J^ihoratory, University of Buffalo, and to the German
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has formed, this same dressing is still sufficient in
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In the seventy-six great towns of England and "Wales,
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eases the period of incubation is of equal signifi-
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Trustees Of the New York Academy of Medicine on the Edward
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and very much deformed, so that its articular surface
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the Long [aland Bospital, Boston Harbor, July 10, 1901.
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Manton, W. P.: The Mischievous in Midwifery.... 761
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is a constitutional exercise of the police power of
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the treatment of Chronic Diseases, Cripples and Deformities.
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as employed in the Registrar General's Weekly Return of
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Pyemia, puerperal — the operative treatment of 280
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housekeeping, including cooking, but to render as much service
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in the lungs to account for the temperature, the only
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ola, Vaccination, Varicella, Cholera, Erysipelas, Whooping
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for, like smallpox, this disease seems to spread in

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