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much more prevalent in males; the series was composed of 107

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lococcus pyogenes aureus, Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, or streptococcus


picnics. The social spirit seems the most persistent one among

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enters into conversation or asks for food, and as the torpor pro-

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Intravenous injections of formalin in septicemia... 176

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geon-General O'Reilly is also in favor of requiring that the young

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by surgeons; ' probably the lecturer limited himself to

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ciently decisive, the evidence of the locality of the

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four years old, about four feet in height, of healthy

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10 Belgium. Annuaire Statistique de Belgique, 1901.

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describes its function, and that it fulfils this func-

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who was beyond the call of a hysterical patient, never would

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The point it is desired to emphasize is, that the daily press is

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lants in the forms of sherry or port wines, whiskey

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years ago, but he feels at times as if vomiting would

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entirely buried by healthy peritoneum. It was recog-

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to be one of pleuritic effusion on the left side, and was admitted

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mile a population of 500 to 600, whether in one insti-

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it is this paralysis which causes him the greatest dif-

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"Woonsocket Hospital Jan. 31, 1899. Dr. Baxter first

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lungs and heart ; one for the employment of .r-rays ; and one

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McCoy, G. W., assistant surgeon. Upon being relieved

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it may be due to local eye lesions, cataract, etc. ; it

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The history of the present illness was essentially as

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offered himself for experimentation in order to refute Koch's

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those who with him were striving to establish a Ger-

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