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secretary and present their medical diploma at least three
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first of all, as novel, in that this proposed legisla-
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for the United States, Canada and Mexico ; $6.56 per year for all
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and later Arcesilaus, insisted that their pupils speak first and then
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frequency of urination, getting up three times at night.
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the operation, if successful, gives but little guar-
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Fifth edition, revised and enlarged. Illustrated. Phila-
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19.3, Bradford 14.6, Leeds 15.6, Sheffield 16.8, Hull 17.4,
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was a tumor which also involved the optic chiasm and
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ment she entered a sanatorium, and underwent nightly injections
cortex slightly diminished. Heart, brain, lungs and
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is no adenitis. Again, edema of the labia majora nearly always
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D. M.*, single, twenty-seven years of age, domestic,
them and the severer forms of inflammation associated
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cial interests to the good of the profession at large.
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by Junior Pharmacist G. A. Morris, to proceed to Mobile,
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ing of this society will be held at Saratoga, N. ST., June L3
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192: the marine biological labratory at Wood's Hole, 219; the situation
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pathology; in 1902 professor of hygiene. Dr. Johnston
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as, American Journal of Medical Science, Aug., 1898; Knapp and
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W. II. Bell, passed assistant surgeon. Ordered to the
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of an acute appendicitis. Pulling out the caput ceci,
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N. Y., and report to medical officer in command for duty
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different ways. The transudation in the peritoneal cavity is not
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as possible after the first day of the month, and it represents the
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from some accidental circumstance ; ' while ' three
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mental and clinical research into certain problems relating to surgical
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Dr. Franke has had good results from the use of ten-per-cent
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and the little packets carried in a bag or reticule until an oppor-
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is that they are produced, not by the caustic effect
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saw there the same conditions in the bald wire-grass plains. The
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