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cientiously testify that on all the facts it was his

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version or retroflexion. As Dr. Davis says, the interesting ques-

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tion : Specific gravity, 1,012 ; acid, pale, no albu-

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in which the parts were always thickened. The constricted parts

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sented certain complications is not included in this

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Park, R. Report of a successful case of gunshot wound of the stomach

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question, and after due consideration of the results

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the right than in the left. The sphincters of the rec-

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ened in a vertical direction. Twice since then there

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soon as the diagnosis has been made. Chute claims the follow-

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and purse by the practice of charlatans, and also to instruct the

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Clinical Lectures and Reports, London Hospital, 1866, iii

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these cases, for sooner or later confirmed habits are established

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paralysis has nearly disappeared. In another month the func-

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cologist to the St. Louis City ai)d Female Hospitals. Re-

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Improvement. Illustrated. Springfield, O. : The Home

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do not seem to him especially alarming, and that he

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About six years ago I was called to a lady, about thirty-

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gaia herbs maca root reviews

will read on "Intestinal Invagination in Children with the

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tered only twenty-four hours before death, there was probably

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