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Proper Adjustment. By R. J. Phillips, M.D. Third edi-
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muscles, have been observed in the period of the disease.
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masses of tissue are concerned, the softening which
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tizer. It is as if in this state the mental furniture
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empyema was present. Again, it was clear that no cyst such as
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or an incalculable distance from the tube? But it is recognized
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we can arrest the disease if nothing more is accomplished. And
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" Up and slightly back on right of ascending colon '
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Matas, R., 135; the influence of strychnine on the heart, Curtin, R. G.,
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with a hearty response from various men and women of
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Others in the family had also eaten oysters, but without
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of twenty-five years, including a territory seventy-five miles
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fistula, to carry out the treatment for a prolonged
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point of scientific attainment ? and Is his character such as will
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From whooping cough. New York 22, Chicago 3, Phila-
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Philadelphia and Now York : Lea Brothers & Co. 1902.
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vice is given, probably in view of this difficulty,
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In a communication to the British Journal of Dermatology
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Of four cases of trachoma treated with the focus tube the
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pulse 72, her respiration 20, and she weighs 107 lbs.
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strictures in the perineal region complicated by abscess or extra-
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where revaccination is so strictly observed, it has
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its novelty, that is, he has associations which are
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periments was not less than 5 cc. per kg. per day ;
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and diseases are either asthenic or sthenic ; their
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"craft on the same, just as busily, and just in the
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J. R.,619; the principles involved in the repair of lacerations of the pelvic
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straightens the leg. Dorsalis pedis on the left is very
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etc. If this idea be analyzed it is easy to see that
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time to seek the advice of the surgeon and, if pos-

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