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Case 2. — Male, aged forty-five. No syphilis. Duration of

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that indicate certain perforation of the intestine.

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In the seventy-six great, towns of England and Wales,

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rheumatism or other forms of arthritis also give rise to other

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"His writings show throughout literary ability of so

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will be noted that the majority of cases occurred on,

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field of usefulness in cases in which dilatation of

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by the recent contribution of Dr. Murphy on General Surgery. He

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of the legs, sciatic and anterior crural, and ulnar of the

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the left about 27£ cm. Just above the elbow at the

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General weakness followed the second childbirth, so

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The status of a consumptive, especially one able to be about,

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fully fostered, if the art of teaching is cultivated

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mercury has been given in cancerous cases by mistake is well

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19.5, Birkenhead 20.4, Liverpool 20.3, Manchester 21.3,

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he is familiar with the physical diseases, hereditary tendencies,

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tion, as represented by pathologists and clinicians,

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phasized in such manner as to almost dispute the possibility of

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average of deaths from diarrheal diseases decreased

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points. If. on account of the diminutive size of the paralyzed

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being proved, it is not in itself a sufficient defense

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an absorption of inflammatory exudation, plus other tissue

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