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passed down to drain pelvis. Incision was closed by

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of Cleveland, O. In 1873 he became a cadet at the U. S.

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into the vagina and the blades separated, the labia urethrae are

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veolar walls cause proliferation of connective tis-

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ginia, to be held at Newport News, Va., Sept. 23-26, 1902.

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The Court: Don't talk quite so fast ; you must have

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that exception may perhaps be taken, notwithstanding the

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thirty days' leave of absence from Oct. 1. Sept. 10, 1902.

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just as effective. I think where there is an epidemic

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The amount of literature on this subject is comparatively

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rate of ioo. The patient was seen to be anemic; her bowels were

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emption from insanity when the heredity is very strong. The

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men, are Norway, Scotland. British America, Sweden, Ireland.

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decidedly preferable to any of the procedures sometimes employed

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" by a disuse thereof, in their blindness do keep their

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bladders the risk of drainage is quite as great as the risk of extir-

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