Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

take the Chair at the ELEVENTH ANNUAL FESTIVAL of the
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ed in, she calls for help, when from four to six f(;males rush to her relief.
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cured, followed by several similar ones ; after which the bowels be-
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means of which the bile is confined. The patient suffers only from the
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of tlie Medical Department of the Navy, and the chair-
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Blaise, Dr. T. T., Mason City, lis. Jacobi, Dr. A., New York.
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found 65 per cent, of normal individuals infected with it, using
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termittent fevers, and their varieties. His surgical apparatus
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cent. No death occurred until after the fifteenth day
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of beds in the zone of interior hospitals of World War I was very little larger
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increased compared with incidence normally associated with Bactrim in non-AIDS patients
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Table II gives the weights of the liver lobes of twenty-nine normal dogs, ex-

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