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surface of the body, in many places to the third de-
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evaporation. The results of this treatment have been very good ;
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and the diagnosis can with certainty be made only by
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and if a fever persist, a transverse excision above
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An English medical officer has been making investigations, and
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patient feels nauseated the amount must be reduced at once. It
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ducing disability and disease is not considered so great as in
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able from the so-called signs of perforation, and the symptoms in
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sician should have no cases of infection in his ob-
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postal address of the patient, and the disease from
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It is subject to about the same pathologic changes as the other
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form of tablets, pills, granules, tinctures, fluid-
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an exceedingly fine powder and their cellular character destroyed.
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ism was pure culture. (3) Sections of an excised comedo, of an
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them, giving to the spots the appearance of "focal ne-
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like elements seldom, if ever, contain the hsematoidin
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and usefully. Since resigning his appointment in 1888
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patients are rapidly and permanently cured, more so than by med-
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tion; (102, acute lung diseases 4(15, consumption 297, sparlet
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pressure. The bile in all cases of cholelithiasis should be regarded
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objection has again and again been made t" these figures as ques-
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therefore, may fairly be said to sustain Brissaud's
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the dissecting room ; but it is only fair to say that
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early. Even then the other children should be constantly
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bacilli, to be used as food? To this there can only
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M.: total IK I. 4.6 per M . : total acidity, 1 2."i per C.
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seemed perfectly well and slept well all that night. In
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ting lunch, business meeting, Shattuck lecture, annual
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examples, in a comparatively new field, of the importance of toxins

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