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constituted about the limit of our therapeutics. Belladonna oint-
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in Hastings ; London 28.2, West Ham 22.3, Croydon 24.6,
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tion of subsequent weakening of the abdominal wall. The author,
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quite large, two or three grains. Whether it has any influence
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Guiteras, G. M., passed assistant surgeon. Detailed to
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Climate. Of central Massachusetts, Getchell, A. C, 1S8; Canadian cli-
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Her mother was subject to severe cramps at night on
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wheels turning within this factory* of medical sci-
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successful manufacture necessarily implies that degree of care
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teeth, and the gums healthy. The chest was negative ;
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individual patient up and down and across the terri-
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180 cc. ; free HCl, 2.9 per M. ; total HCl, 3.2 per M. ;
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numbers of bacilli ; had bichloride mercury injections
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slightly coated ; speaks little; evidently in pain;
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8 Sixth Report of the Royal Concussion at England, appointed
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is impacted in the cystic duct, extirpation is the preferable opera-
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from a clinical point of view. On the tenth day the
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up to 0.3 gramme (4^2 grains), three times daily, with water.
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June 24, he was brought back to the hospital on ac-
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that now the child is able to stand by holding on to the
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raised, but by the generosity of the contributors and

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