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cipal infectious diseases (smallpox, measles, scarlet fever,

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ful of pus. The pain was trifling. The actinic rays

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having trained midwives to attend normal lying-in cases among

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tion, nevertheless, the text has been carefully re-

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the hepatic extremity, and in 18 per cent in the middle portion

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of cold compresses to the head are useful in mania has long been

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hip-joint I believe a careful use of both auscultation

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or goat's milk. Later, these results were confirmed

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stated that this affection was a rare one, appearing


Friedman, E. V. Notes on the diagnosis and treatment of early mis-

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When writing to advertisers please mention the Medical Age.

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result showed that fifty per cent of the animals which received

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by the mouth. This relative inertness when administered by

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a thread was passed into the bladder and held to one

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which in its general results more than offsets such

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action even during the period of coma and convulsions.

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nightgown to his heels, which also should be warmed before being

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if they treat a case of ' sore throat ' which turns

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is of the utmost importance, both in the cure of incipient

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