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A prominent manufacturer of wines in Berlin has been
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1881, and it has been used by him with success ever
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Germany. Perc claims to have tested the treatment and demon-
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of foot just below base of metatarsal joint. Nothing-
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especially the vessels of the heart, the kidneys, and the brain.
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tions at Bellevue Hospital, with its highly adverse
Alcohol weight for weight can liberate more calories than
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retention cysts were not sufficiently large to be de-
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local effect of the alcohol upon the acidity of the
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finishes his term of office. It is his idea to take graduates and,
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can be employed with greater accuracy they believe it should be
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different positions and attitudes, sometimes alone,
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be was in great pain, which, however, was sufficiently
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Fio. 3.— Second type of wagon, with wide body. Mattress and
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difficulty aroused, and at once dropped off to sleep.
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continued through the day, and, though difficult of
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Out of the 3600 physicians now practicing in Paris 57 are
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of this kind is a great one, and it is to be hoped that the writer of
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coccus and bacillus coli, and in 4 no bacteria were
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Sleepy and stupid for a considerable time. Could not sit
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()2.1(>2. — Specimen is roughly oval in form, 20 X
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Company who were appointed to supervise the arrange-
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ulcers with shallow bases seen everywhere, 1 cm. in
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symptoms the same in both sexes. In women the copper color
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married, and 43 years old. His father died aged 07, of
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The patient, a young primipara, stated that she was straining at
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There may have been those who have arrogated to themselves
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always constipated. Six months ago had an attack of
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many experiments in hopes of improving the meetings
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glands or of tuberculous masses; (c) localized suppuration from
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meeting of the society, held the latter part of last
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point out that its intensity and duration depend partly upon the
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certainly opened up a new field in the search for a trustworthy
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316, whooping cough 144, diphtheria 63, measles 150, small-
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draws the following conclusions in regard to atonic motor insuf-
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F. R. Sturgis (Medical Record, Jan. 31, 1903) considers in
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