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Arnold. Journal American Medical Association, July 16, 1899.
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Phipps, of New York, once a partner of Andrew Carnegie, will
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were four reasons for this, namely : (1) the inability
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but also injurious to the patient. Ineffective, be-
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Bowen, J. T. Four forms of generalized exfoliative dermatitis, erythro-
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field as small blue rings, with a crimson dot within or upon the
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though the lesion had extended from the third primi-
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of Surgery, Medical Department Tulane University of
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transferred for operation there was emaciation, sepsis,
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• ;1 American System <>f Practical Medicine, i, 627.
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lies. Iodipin, therefore, offers a means of testing
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eration. In such cases the granular layer filled with
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tic for other cells ; the second by the polynuclear
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maining in the Isolation Hospital at the close of the
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lial cells, the size of miliary tubules. In places these
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the rugged hill thus far on life's journey, a change may come, the
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rience in these cases, but I am quite sure that the
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esting lecture by Jonnesco, of Bucharest, on sympathectomy for Base-
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appears ; the symptoms disappear, and the patient is practically
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and phimosis. When a patient with any ulcerative lesion of the
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Dr. Meltzer, but I should like to state that in all
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gery in a course of lectures, but selected subjects
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New York, R. M. Dawbarn {American Medicine, Feb. 14, 1903)
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action on the ray fungus, as this has been found in the body
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the research work which eventuated in this discovery had been
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parts in the affected region or neighboring tissues

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