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classes, he was not less beloved and esteemed in the
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the strength of the radiation striking the diseased
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tuberculosis has been in vain, since both medical science and phil-
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of fibrin. Following up the injected fold an oval per-
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the adventitia having been peeled off proximal; after
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fever 58, erysipelas 18, typhoid fever 42, whooping cough 32,
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sensibility. The third is seated in the soul itself,
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Richardson, T. F., assistant surgeon. To proceed to
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Annual Announcement. Session of 1902-1903. Illustrated.
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phatic glands, pelvic, iliac, and lower lumbar. (3) The vaginal
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M. Mayer (Miinchener med. Wochenschrift, No. 32, 1902)
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the cervix, especially of the squamous-cell variety,
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8. Newcomet. A Case of Typhoid Spine. International Medical
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The proposition is now before Congress to enlarge the Army
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The employment of non-operative local therapeutic measures
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intention spasm, Walton, G. L., 356; paramyoclonus multiplex, Langdon,
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by properly instituted experiments would discover such
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attack*. During paroxysms the urine is high colored
scabrities unguium syphilitica or onyxis craquele".
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dioxide in the organism. Out of 104 consumptives Weber cured
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Geddingn, M.D., Passed Assistant Surgeon, Acting Direc-
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2. Massage. — The muscles of the abdomen should be
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the means of cure." "Any doctor," says a noted authority, "can
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19.1, Rochdale 18.0, Huddersfield 17.0, Leeds 14.9, Sheffield
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if, as is probable, the antisepsis has not been ab-
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micron in diameter, which broke up into spores. This, according
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The age of conventions seems to be more or less on the wane.
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blood-pressure, alterations of sensibility, disturb-
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here are (i) the appendix; (2) intestinal diverticula, perhaps at-
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specification of its nature). (10) That this must, to a consider-
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Julia Maria Patten, M.D., M.M.S.S. of Holyoke, died
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McDowell Mathews, M.D., LL.D. Illustrated. Louisville:
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son is to be avoided as long as he coughs (Sticker).

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