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ally investigate, certifies that all due precautions

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hospital. Another statistical fact of interest, and

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ble compounds. Consequently, when used to excess, the follow-

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perature was 99°, pulse 72, there was practically no

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of the median line, the left 13 cm. to the left of the

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deaths from it, the lowest mortality from this dis-

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esting case presents itself the time accorded is longer,

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with severe pains in the left leg and with " cramps"

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avoid disfigurement; but in this location the after-

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Two plays have recently been placed upon the stage in Paris

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isting in different cities among children subject to

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to the medical mind, and also to the laity, than its cure.

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a probable myxofibroma of the nose, Allen, S. W., 542.

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Smith — A Method of Staining Sputum for Bacteriological Examination {continued).

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the shortcomings in minor matters of our art, which

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use to the general practitioner, as it provides complete dietetic and med-

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might not be impossible to account for the curiosity of Pharaoh's

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ligaments, especially in a localized portion of the

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these transferred impressions. Right here I would like to empha-

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particular attention lias been drawn during the past

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presents the practical problem which faces every prac-

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most instantaneous, and as the excess of the cocaine

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partially inverted, and he walks on the ball of the foot, with the

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tion through the cervical fascia, and then said she

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