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the atropine and removing the bandage have brought about a

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annual addition of new cities to the list above men-

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Fortbildungsoursen fur practische Aerzte von Dr. Richard

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all bodily functions depend in the last analysis upon the nervous

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loss of appetite, loss of sleep, pain and finally a

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the well-known English authority, gives the title of "transitional

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Stoner, J. B., passed assistant surgeon. To proceed to

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severity, and the patient died about 24 hours after

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which amount to live hundred in a year & to inspect

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hold its annual meeting in the Judicial Room of the City

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cord. Spinal roots, ganglia, pia and vessels normal.

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• ' null term-., 498; human and bovine tuberculosis, 499; notifica-

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as an animal he would not have. If we suppose him remaining

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officers and men suffering from the effects of tropical service may

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It is indicated only in those cases where, the limb

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abdomen, the inner aspect of the thighs, the scrotum, or

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tion. The pain of the initial attack of an atypical

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ache. The tongue was coated; the bowels were active.

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Daubarn, H. M. Points in the controrof emergency hemorrhage both

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along the outer edge of the quadratus lumborurn mus-

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few years she had at times when tired noticed a dull

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influence that causes suicides to so frequently follow each other

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electricity, with good result. Discharged well in five

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weighing five and a half pounds, delivered by forceps.

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the fact that in organic anesthesia the skin reflexes

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cocyte count — below 7,000 — pointed almost in-

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of the patient, the patches have acquired a softer character, and

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tents, so that it has a normal regulatory influence on peristalsis.

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Hospital, gynecologist to Mount Sinai Hospital, consult-

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a 1 -in- 1 000 solution of adrenalin recovery became complete.

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energy-producing results; so the traveler might consider this

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mented, and by the lifelong power of enduring their fiercest

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Germany, at Berlin, March 15, was attended by 1128 delegates,


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