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Subcutaneous laceration of the flexm^ metatarsi muscle is occa-
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t«m^ tJssiiA nrnHn#»#»q the samft rftsult. In light catarrhs, is ob-
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cavity for some little time, and the entire labor had not
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in the treatment of cases of gastric ulcer. I trust also
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considers that the "immediate stimulation of the existing blood
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sesqui-carbonate of ammonia and chloric ether. September 1st, wine
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chilled. The doors and windows should be opened, and all parts of the house
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under the age of eleven, in Calcutta, amounting to 10.04, is to be received with
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considerable spaces, more or less extended in circumference, and encroach-
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well known as contra-indicating wine or opium ; but in the advanced
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by unilateral or more limited loss of power or sensation, sometimes by
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had been administered in the hope of arresting the degenera-
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Etiology. — The causes of epidemic meningitis and its relations to other
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yellow tuljercle associated freqoentlj with tuberculosis of t
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clinical features, while in the saccular form, the physical signs
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during the febrile paroxysm, it is buffed; and decolorized coagula
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The committee composed of members of the Milwaukee Cammmn
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the right eye. The eyes were protruded from decomposition. There were
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and ascending pharyngeal. Nerve sup- infinite lymphatic and arterial connec-
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gun ever made, and it loaded to its full capacity, without fear, but the
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toxaemia in the production of chronic disease. It is probable
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long before the discovery of the typhoid bacillus, intestinal
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a mistake to think that the powdered flies should be mixed
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exceptions. The chemic antidote must next be considered ; for
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to correlate them with the cardiographs, and he was
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added to a tablespoonful or two of water, allowing it to
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the leukocyte count low in the interval and a tendency to increase
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bilicus have frequently been noted by different observers.
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so much and so well on disease of the heart and its treatment,
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cental focus from which bacilli may escape into the fetal circulation.
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The pupils are urged forward by their teachers, in some instances,
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little softened, of a spongy elastic consistency, and succulent, i. e., its ducts
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Acuity. All clots having been removed, and exact hremostasis
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fact be used as a substitute for table salt. It is really desirable that the pro-
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leeds. The intestines everywhere healthy. Mesenteric glands slightly enlarged.
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variations- in the anatomy of the parts may be a source of
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0" CommuniccUtoivt solicited on all Medical and Scientific
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under the croton-oil treatment; but I must again warn any one against
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facts of the latest investigations, namely, that alcohol as
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The Question of Medical Defence — Russell Thomas, Lennox-
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aggregate e-apacity of 9,875, at an aggregate cost of
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chills were sometimes repeated, rarely imitating intermittent fever, from

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