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ual user of cocaine, has become a law in Pennsylvania.
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reports a case in a fourteen-year-old girl with a severe swelling
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in chronic influenza seems to be due to the auto-re-
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Hatfield. Cyclopedia of the Diseases of Children, 1890, iii, 488.
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chlorides diminished; urea, 1.2%; uric acid increased;
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The epidemic of smallpox in Gait, Ont., is now said to be
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Solutions (Modified Schleich Method.) By Rudolph Matas,
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Of course those who are not willing to accept the theory that
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"vascular goitre " is still used, although there is
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When residents become so old that they think it is time to die,
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this law, states it in the clearest language : "The
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that they are gradually, very gradually, bringing about the
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telligently as a therapeutic agent it was necessary
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and these secondary ulcers are due to the irritation
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A valuable editorial in the Boston Medical and Surgical Jour-
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are not indicative of kidney insufficiency. Koranyi
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the art of physic or of surgery ; and to the end that the

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