Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

two years, for the most part in Florida. He then re-

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drainage. All abnormal growths must be removed. Following

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report of progress in thoracic disease, Bartol, J. W., 382; the effects of

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inflation and it was found to be greatly increased.

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Nonne, M. Deutsch. Aertze, Wiesbaden, 1887.

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trol to the Marine Hospital Service, with headquarters at Wash-

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elucidated, and the treatment in each case is admirably summarized.

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the itching and resultant scratching, the origin of

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that regard. It is of very little consequence in the

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and infection, then, led to the early death of most

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studied criminals in jail and out the definition of

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tainly failed to indicate any increase in the irri-

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conjunctivitis of the congestive type," and since that time the

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