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was born in Virginia, was graduated from the medical

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stipation, cold hands and feet, biliousness or indi-

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three months, until symptoms entirely disappeared. She is now

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1 Read before the Obstetrical Society of Boston, Oct. 21, 1902.

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ment. After about six months, although the treatment

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notice during the past few years, a few examples of which are

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perature, P.M., 103.5°; pulse, 105; somewhat delirious

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fication of definite substances and tissue elements.

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tended for the use of invalids or infants chemical pre-

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the liver is the seat of election for the lesions of

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period, however, provided they are deposited in person, by the

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leading dentists were present to urge that a bill be passed raising

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The case of spastic contraction was in a young girl nineteen

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Pharmacology. Recent progress in pharmacology and physiological

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In the German Empire for the past twenty-five years

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Lahousse. Richet's Dictionaire de Physiol., iv, 53.

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