Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

practice. Established twenty years. Wish to retire.

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ing of pus chiefly, some blood, numerous bacteria .and

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defense of its members, which has been in practical

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cerebrospinal meningitis, diphtheria and croup, diarrheal

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Cumol gut in peritoneum with chromicized gut in fas-

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Physical signs. — Heart and lungs normal. Pressure

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of otology, no; Beck, C, die Rontgenstrahlen im dienste der chirurgie,

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two such traction sutures, but in my case one suture

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do nothing for their support by reason of their danger to each

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but either a flap of all of the tissues of the tho-

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op mse. The four salpingitis cases still have a lit-

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biceps muscle could not be felt to contract when the

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Cholelithiasis: Cholecystitis; jaundice; cholecystos-

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sis among the poor is undoubtedly the supply of suitable and suf-

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die Muskclarheit. Arch. f. Exp. rath., 1LKJ0, 15d. xxxiv, p. 24.

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in detail-. I believe they are susceptible of being

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country, by being devised for speed, the first con-

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untary and later under ether proved to be so. An area

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I will say that I have known of one instance where a

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The Treatment of the Heart in Typhoid Fever and Other

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Jahresbericht "her die Fortschritte in der Lehre von den

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— if need be, at once — on the operating table,

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curring more frequently, and that each one was more

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total of about 5-2 millions of children whose names

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clude that the number so influenced is very large, though at

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number being small ; two were about one-half - inch in

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his mother, and his sister's family — this systematized,

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