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nal is suggested as a standard therapeutic exposure.

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er* vaccinated from the "only spontaneous case ol cowpos in

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Cervix uteri, the repair of lacerations of the — an

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ical strengthening of the body by means of cold ablutions, mod-

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situation, now more plainly seen and more easily managed than

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diseases, whooping cough, erysipelas, fevers and cousumn-

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secretion of hydrochloric acid is slow, and instead of attaining its

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tions : (a) the rupture of a suppurating gland or the perforation

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in the neck. The spleen was palpable, and the liver

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diminution of the tubercle bacilli, and the associated bacilli had

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Seeing, then, that the common use of alcoholic beverages is

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by giving ergot, etc. (6) Alcohol in large quantities should not

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tonics, gradually improved and left the hospital after

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The radical cure by operation is the best method of treat-

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early case of disease in the lumbar spine (Case III

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neren Medicin an der Universit&t Krakau. Wien: Buch-

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exaggerated, especially the abdominal reflexes. Short notes are

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another physician. Only when special circumstances arise that

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interest that the last, report of the surgeon-general of

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When writing to advertisers please mention the Medical Ace.

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Preston; London 17.0, West Ham 20.1, Brighton 14.7,

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plains of pain in the stomach, refuses to eat, and has a rise of

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its twelfth annual meeting on Sept. 2, 3 and 4, 1902, at

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examination the patient vomited 32 oz. of sour, dark-

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ditions of these cavities, with a better perspective,

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was removed, the uterus douched with antiseptic solu-

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should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgi-

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parts. The patient became more comfortable. He passed a better

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It is obvious that atropine with its mild action is preferable to en-

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in succession. He was heard talking to himself as he

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ciency of the virus was upon the human arm. I think

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defined areas. This tumor is separated from the tumor

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ingham, Ala., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Oct.

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in the minute sprayed drop comes straight from its natural soil,

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the pons stained intensely. This section showed a light

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birth, Stickney, E. P., 677, 679; obstetrical antisepsis, Gilman, W. R.,

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