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atrabilin of the Mohrenapotheke in Breslau, and the adrenalin
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year or more was certainly not of a pernicious type.
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British Medical and Surgical Journal, 1851, xiiv, 357.
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meal, making l^'g gr. per day, and has kept this up
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treatment of COXalgia, Taylor, l< , T. , I |o; the remittent limp of the first
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treatment of the brain, spleen, liver, or kidneys. The action of
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Any chest more than eighteen years of age which shows an
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Island Hospital Jan. 11, 1900, having been sent to the
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wound, caused in the different cases by a clamp for artificial
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Dr. McCollom : It is perfectly possible for a person
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To begin with, one-half a grain or less may be given thrice daily
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tion) 7(i3, acute lung diseases 522, consumption 341, scarlet
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geons, Medical Department, Columbia University; As-
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cases of pleurisy a conservative estimate will class
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the urine contained this fleshy material and much mu-
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7. Not to dispute with others, or attempt to confute
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ills ; this is altogether to be expected, and is pro-
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4 La Clinica m6d, Italiana, May, 1901 j o.merican Journal of tlie
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encouragement which patients with cataract receive from their
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yet been recognized by the microscope, and their presence
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grammes of grain, 150 grammes of potatoes, or 150 grammes
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intricate matters of scientific interest. If such a conviction is
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I:. II. Creel, doctor. Appointed assistant surgeon,
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occupied by the deputy superintendent, who is prob-
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Prom measles. New York 22, Chicago 6, Philadelphia 5,
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finally exterminated has become a reasonable hope. Already the
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strong. Is working right along; no tiredness; a lame-

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