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By Leading Members of the Medical Profession Throughout the World.
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on to the hard palate and perforating it just inside
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in 1901, or one fifteenth of the total; 64 in 1900,
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developed at the acme of exhaustion) will likely respond with
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been no nausea or vomiting at any time. On Sunday a
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its other qualities — food value, narcotic effect
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the urethra by a patient with stricture. All of these cases, he
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duced ; frequently single members present large dimensions, and
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while a businesslike efficiency applied in other directions — local
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sclerosis of the spinal cord, Hirsch, A., 414; acute hemorrhagic cortical
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tines; Impaction of foreign bodies in the intestine;
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between the two infections most likely depends upon the super-
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direct influence of the spirit may easily excite the
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century brings us but to the threshold of its investigation, un-
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several society leaders from appendicitis leads to the other conclu-
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tablished cases, on the contrary, the fit, beginning with a uni-

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