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the treatment of all varieties of children's diseases

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specific gravity, 1,020; solids, 18.87; reaction, acid;

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$hoidd be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgi-

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Cheney, $250; Mrs. E. S. Cheney, $1,000; W. Murray Crane, $5,000

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and misleading."' The fact that certain authorities in

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in Schools " gives twelve days as the period of ob-

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known troublesome sequelae to follow this treatment.

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J. Rosenberg, LL.B., and \. B. Aronstam, M.D., Ph.G.,

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abdomen, the inner aspect of the thighs, the scrotum, or

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Oct. 1, 19U1 — 300 in all. I thought that it would

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In the method of genesis of the Ji'-ray, we separate metallic


ber 16, after two days' fever and feeling generally unwell. Again

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rapid wasting, persistent diarrhea, rapid pulse, and recurrent acute

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temper became manifest between the two doubles. . .

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bility of the State of Massachusetts protecting itself

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pursuits for a time, and then determined to study medi-

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awaiting transportation to the State Industrial School, hanged

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fore necessary to find out the source and the proper point of the

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pad. Patience on the part of the patient and encouragement on the part of the physi-

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blood-vessels, ending eventually, after a longer or shorter time,

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dissolved sixteen of these tablets in the vial full

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