Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

necessarily depend for its efficiency upon the character of

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and pushes it rapidly to 14, 16 or 18 mg., repeating the injections

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cirrhosis of the liverin childhood, Moore, J. L.,299; intestinal invagina-

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tion act of 1S(J7 shall be taken against any parent

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of No. 1 size is retained a sufficient length of time ;

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festations of articular rheumatism, Patton, J. M., 75; a modified radical

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being, not only in ordinary conditions, but also under the strain of

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and is now preferred by the officials in charge of vaccina-

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University College Hospital. By Christopher Heath, Past

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spoonful of Epsom salt was given every other day. The nour-

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well-marked crepitus about the shoulder-joint as the pa-

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portion of the left side. It was also thought possible that it might

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sive motions for fifteen minutes daily for the right arm

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salt solution, just as well as in diluted fresh blood.

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E. H. Marsteller, surgeon. Detached from the " Rich-

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first half -hour's elimination is greater than the second

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Ovarian Sarcoma Developing from the Theca Externa of

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estimated on the basil Of tin: rate of growth from 1880 to 1900.

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mous increase in the number of red cells per,

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in length. Dr. Price, the surgeon at the Brooklyn Navy Yard —

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she discards it, is as badly off as before. I think

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cine, Paris, and F. Lucas Benham, M.D., B.S. (Loud.),

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Die therapeutische Bedeutung des Ichthyolsalicyls. von

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the abdominal wound and sinus were entirely healed.

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the corium, surrounding in some nodules a magnified and mark-

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pass in external diseases, refraction and the use of the

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class is, of course, that of cases in which nephrec-

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(1) Definite bacilli, which he has already named bacillus ac-

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ease notification to the class of infectious or com-

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ical course is virtually lengthened to five or more

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erto microbes in these fluids have been difficult to detect, and M.

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gunshot fatality, source of shooting proved by an examination of ammu-

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medium-sized epithelium ; no tubercle bacilli ; guinea-

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