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itself. When a condition of this kind obtains, and when, in addi-

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using any glass jar with cylindrical sides for raising

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uterus in place of the classical Caesarean section ;

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surface of the heart or into the circulation is not

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all proportion to what has been observed heretofore.

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kick of a horse. Operation nine hours after accident.

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skirts and pointed boots for five years. Still, ap-

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founders of the Long Island College Hospital, in which he

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secretary and present their medical diploma at least three


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ondary effect, that is, the result after the action

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citis was in the slight character of the local tenderness. A swell-

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(Fig. 3). The patient was a girl of eighteen years of

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endless variety of aches and pains by which he is teased or tor-

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but a third injection of turpentine was made. The first two

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logical findings in the exudate, Withington, C. F.,505; a note on pleurisy

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contrary has had very little experience in obstetrical work, or does

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thermometer often registering from 120° to 130° F.

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the latter that he has taken charge of the case. — Journal of the

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ing best to speak of that complication, but it is a

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Cassaetet Ferre. Socictc <le Biologie. Seance, June, 1894, du 23.

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pecially of the right rectus, and even moderate pres-

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but here the response is also somewhat less than on the

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Atropine and a compress bandage are to be used in the after-treat-

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When there is the slightest tendency to diarrhea, vegetables, even

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tion would appear to be a purely functional one —

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io ill i r i witb such vi vidness of form and coloring

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Frederick A. Castle, M.D., died April 28, in New York.

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in the blood-pressure by reducing the pulse frequency. If the

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purpose of erecting a new building, to be "known as the

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flammation of the Appendix " was delivered June 20, by

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hundreds of cases of appendicitis of all kinds, lie

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same conditions, with the exception of a phenomenon

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observations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith of the

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discussion is finished and the students are on record as

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