Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

on the results of an inquiry as to the prevalence of cancer between

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WANTED.— A physician to locate in a hustling little

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aborted, I believe that prophylaxis is the price of

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continuous with the muscular wall of the uterus, from

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317, whooping cough 128, diphtheria 72, measles 171, small-

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cases it is to be considered a valuable aid to diag-

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of the extensor groups. The knee jerk was increased;

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ter, without taking the disease in a single instance.

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Societies. American Clinatological Association, 188, 216, 247; American

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recommends in doubtful cases of ulcer of the stomach the fol-

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tion relative to services as temporarj Immigrant inspector

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be allowed to practice if they present good diplomas and pass the

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56.6 per cent of those with general paralysis; 42.1 per cent of

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letters addressed to M.D., Box 210, Plainville, Kas. 19

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In Wigan : London 14.9, West Ham 16.6, Croydon 10.2,

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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Allied Sciences, published at

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No sign of peritonitis was seen, and no fluid except

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the facts leads to the assumption that this increase,

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census in 1895. The populations of Gloucester, Marlborough and

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Essays must be typewritten in the English language, must

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ical science also that first suggested the measures

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cipal infectious diseases (smallpox, measles, scarlet fever,

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the operations. On all these subjects one is fairly em-

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interest in the charitable work of the State, which

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at, his table using a drawshave on a piece of wood,

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are, each in its place, valuable adjuncts but valu-

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