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pharynx, to effectively prevent blood from entering the pulmon-
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the young men hereabouts? Could any of them down you, out-
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observed. The patient uses neither alcoholic liquors
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of retrodisplacements of the uterus. But the tendency of the
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L. W. Spratling, surgeon. Ordered to Buffalo, N. Y.,
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Osier's contribution on aneurism of the descending aorta; a very inter-
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of advertising themselves, is alluded to. All this,
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Dr. R. A. Kingman has resigned the position of gynecol-
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for patients, particularly in view of the fact that
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treat certain sorts of diseases stimulates us to rec-
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interference and referred the case to Dr. Scott for x-ray treat-
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the patient died post operation from the rupture of an abscess
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the manner in which he disposes of his infectious expectoration.
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of contagious and infectious diseases, has issued an order that all
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dusted, scrubbed, and disinfected. It is proposed to call this day
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until it is literally sucked dry ; a gland thus com-
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cystitic patients, also with normal urine of patients who had
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prompted the negroes to use cocaine as a stimulant. They soon
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an interesting case with Bright's disease, in which
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The conditions attached to Mr. John I). Rockefeller's
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ever, the cells are low and flattened, and sometimes
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pital, if in his judgment there is any direction in
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legislature a bill repealing the sections of the pub-
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fed artificially the rate of growth in the first was
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change ; there are indications that the out-patient
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as is usually the case, cathartics and enemata have
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jective reasoning as to the meaning of what he dis-
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sporozoa in the lymph and its scabs are the same in both condi-
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gion and upon the outer surface of the right thigh,
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the seal/). — Intracranial hemorrhage is suspected.
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40 cc Wife and child arrive this afternoon. Patient
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port of 1898: "We are now able to report that arrange-
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in all its refinements, but symptomatology, differ-
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this treatment, had he lived much longer, would have had to
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11 Kr<Tppelin'9 Psychologiscbe Arbeiten, 1890, i, 008.
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ing in all directions, with more or less fibrous tis-
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