Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

hypothesis has been much assailed, and it is doubt-

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lordosis; (4) kypholordosis — a classification prac-

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and the wound closed without drainage if no pus is present. If

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should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgi-

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Case III. Mr. E. W. L., 24 years of age, a hospital

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contracture in the 6rs1 case, resulting from an uni-

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A case is reported of a boy who committed suicide because

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ment stages of disease in a clinic is of value, but

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struation not infrequently continues after both the ovaries and

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Manila, which has been a source of great annoyance to the nervous

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pany's By-Laws which are all signed under the hands

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Madame Lubinger, who took the M.D. degree at Zurich sev-

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itor offers ten vaccine quills for a dollar, " posi-

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operators still regard a uterus winch happens to be

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M. Lucas-Championniere considered that the ordinary method

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sary is it for the scarlet fever cases to be followed, and above

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to originate in the uterus. The exact cause and origin have been

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right upper lohe ; gangrenous area, 3 cm. in diameter,

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earlv matrimony as a remedy against diminution of the popula-

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