Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

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with him Dr. Nichols of Boston, and his colleague:*
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There was general anemia, with edema and atalectasis
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Wim i:. J. II.. assistant surgeon-general. Granted seven
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stage, if the pus is accessible through a posterior vaginal incision,
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litic contraction of the pharynx, [.eland, G. A., 161; a case of incised
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as ordinarily conceived by the scientist is relega-
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are to restore some sort of order out of the chaos,
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knows imperfectly or not at all, to decide sagaciously
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York " and ordered to ihe Naval Hospital, Cavite, P. I.
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hip disease diagnosticated at the four institutions
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whirled for three minutes longer. After (his, boil-
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each five years old, were taken ill and were brought
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by the use of a lithotrite, or by lateral cystotomy : Two entire
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ends were held in position by three sutures of fine
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service of sanitary works, having at its head a French engineer,
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first infection of the bladder is not alone sufficient
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pie der Niernkrankheiten. Arch. f. klin. Chir., Berlin, 1901,
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of goitre, that by iodine still plays a useful part
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' disease ' may properly be applied, and that, there-

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