Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

These in fact are the influences which have made the human-

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distress and possible mortification. The high tempera-

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E. Berglieb, in his inaugural dissertation at Jena,

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factor, while in others death seemed rather attrib-

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the constabulary, and other native forces, and in the

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and when in a crowd or in a confined space I found it almost

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because if including any of the submucosa it is almost certain to

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mesenchyme and mesothelium ; the metastases are youngest, and

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axillae, and bends of the elbow. There is also a curi-

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of this country will adopt this or some similar method of pro-

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in Bootle; London 16.2, West Ham 16.1, Croydon 13.2,

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amount. (2) In certain cases in which the serum was adminis-

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at the end, as in stone. There is an increased fre-

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on a question which is purely ethical, it is equally


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FIG. 1. Old-fashioned, large ovarian tumor. Refore operation.

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such a move would result in encouraging tuberculosis patients to

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a little more closely he will find his physiology a

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Burkhalter, J. T., assistant surgeon. Relieved from

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easier to accomplish than with the goat. The clinical application

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apparatus was discarded by the patient, and much ac-

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The oral examination includes subjects of preliminary

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nose, throat and ear, 680; Greeff, R., a guide to the microscopic exami-

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in the presence of sickness, that he looked to the more

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but either at the home of the patient or at a well equipped hos-

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