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A gifl of $100,000 has recently been made the Univer-
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Bollard. J i , acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave
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and joints of the paralyzed limbs ; further, he cites
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substances which affect the physiological functions of the body
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testine opened sufficiently to admit a fair-sized soft-rub-
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aunt of the present emperor of Germany, and has been profusely
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of false belief are therefore wholly unlike those of
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ters and tried to turn his family against him. As for
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gonian runs him very close.. The white citizen comes next. The
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report to the society. The report was read at the meeting of the
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bless the medical women, who are accomplishing a generous and
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corpulent, well-built man with marked jaundice of a
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absent; albumin, slight trace; sediment, considerable,
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g-S-S fag S §S 2 >>o o a-o'^- g g . Jg- o„ „ »| - |
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» For complete report of this case see Journal, April 3, 1902.
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France, Austria, and Russia, but worse than in Switzerland, Bel-
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tion, $2.50. Publisher, G. Fisher, of Jena. The name of the new
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cine virus and whether it was expedient so to do. In
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of the second joint of the ring finger, but the ring finger
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circulation results in congestion associated with fall in tempera-
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tient's discharge from the hospital the mucous mem-
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feet, and he has never fallen. He has no more difficulty
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neck abnormally red, as well as trigone ; whole blad-
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Mo\< 0B.S, J. A., acting assistant surgeon. Cranted
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haustive scientific investigations can be made, the
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as far as possible by personal observation, the physi-
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Gastric lavage showed no dilatation, and no tetany re-
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white, appearing dark beneath. Mucous membrane slightly paler
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At the risk of repeating an old story I have selected for my
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symptoms of actinomycosis are very characteristic of that dis-
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ciety just past. I did not intend any blame to him or
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or the appendix itself, or both, especially the former, and the
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distinguished from inflammation by the absence of severe pain.
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Xewburyport were allowed to stand as in 1900, they hav
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as a rule. Adenitis follows the chancre as the trunk follows

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