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free from pain. But digital pressure provoked pain and contrac-

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cerebrospinal meningitis 14, smallpox 12, measles 47, diar-

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support of theories both pro and con, but something more tangible


centigramme of the drug, is very satisfactory. Mention must be

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modern surgery this verdict is not now so sweeping.

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folk, Va., for special temporary duty. April 30, 1902.

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effect. When the infection becomes mixed and when we see

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which is sure to yield favorable results in proportion to the extent

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of some organism in the body was admitted in the early days of

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C. M. Oman, assistant surgeon. Detached from the naval

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investigation as to the proper time for operation. 879

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pseudoelephantiasis of the face and head ; that permanent closure

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ing, and was devoted to the exhibition of patients.

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arterial obliteration in a woman of seventy-eight without parox-

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on, which persisted remittently for seven weeks. Neither in the

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twenty- four hours), and unless distinctly contraindicated, a

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intestinal infections; in kidney and liver disease ;

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intestinal mucous membrane. This is especially effective in atony,

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ough of Southwarke over the bridge, and through the

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as fascination, whose effect is produced by a visual

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gists, and all are not agreed as to its being a bona

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bathing in the river, with the accompanying exposure to the hot

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sence for one month from Sept. 25, 1902. Sept. 10, 1902.

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not sucked it may be good, but it is apt to produce indigestion.

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" And the said Roger Clerk personally appeared, and

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can Laryngological Association, St. Louis, 18H2, i, 297.

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It would thus seem not merely a local infection or inflamma-

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diminution of plague mortalit} 7 , the following is

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Hinkel, F. W. Treatment of empyema of the sphenoidal sinus, 162.

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19. Taylor, W. J. Philadelphia Medical .Journal, Dec.

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the foundation of the Institute, and M. Doumer, who had allo-

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