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tives of the County Medical Association, shows what a fifth coach-

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grand dukes, and nobility without end, and citizens of national

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contain mucus and often blood. There is almost con-

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Louis, Mo., and report to medical officer in command for

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cinations in the first six months of 1902, as against

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all right ; I run up to the house several times a day and just give

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Cal. (Abstract from the Eclectic Med- deserves the first place.

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sacola Navy Yard, and ordered to the " Constellation."

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Mrs. L. W., age thirty-six, married three years. In

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frequently after periods of sleep. At this time the

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of today has a different situation to face from that presented to

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our situation today, is the existence of a guide to

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the introduction of glycerized pulp, as to the rela-

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sis was confirmed. March 7, 1900, that part of the city

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tissue next to the gray commissure and posterior horn ;

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in many places where there have been plague epidemics

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ment she entered a sanatorium, and underwent nightly injections

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tion for two years ; they have been repeatedly iso-

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Result: Urotropin had some effect in diminishing the

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he would certainly have drowned. On being pulled back he

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All branches of science will be represented. The members have

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was a highly esteemed medical author, and in addition

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Up to date I have not had experience enough with acetozone

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but the very varying character of the cases renders

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mane Treatment of the Morphine Disease. By J. B. Mattison,

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Laryngo3Copic image showing chronically enlarged false cords,

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first twenty-four hours considerable nausea and vomit-

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Remittance should be made by money-order, draft or registered

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Joseph Garland, M.D., M.M.S.S., died in Gloucester,

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earlv matrimony as a remedy against diminution of the popula-

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and entitled" Ten Cases of Bullous Dermatitis following


ful to use in cream be boric acid or mixtures of boric

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printed and distributed among the poor of that city circulars

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teric. Section of the liver showed both right and left

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