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of antiseptic lotion) will be sent, once only, for 10 cents, if you mention this

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intra-abdominal shortening of the round ligaments per vaginam for the cure

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Burrell, H. L., L,ovett, R. W., and Goldthwait, J. E. Report

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to the interest on his plant, he must earn bountifully

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Professor Behring' s experiments. — American Medicine.

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tion. A piece of fine platinum wire is bound round the needle

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order to understand deflections from mental health it is necessary

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made to the ear of an oily solution of the alkaloids of atropine

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deaths — also a large mortality until we analyze the

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quota of useful and interesting matter. The contributors include many

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a comparatively un vaccina ted country, without pro-

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dealer shall be permitted to provide an animal fluid

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as it was by birthrate alone in the days before immigration.

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dinary inhaler, or a spray of alum applied with a hand-ball ap-

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girl made repeated unavailing efforts to open her hand,

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cases. There was nothing to explain this very- high

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"rear" house to the one behind it, by cutting off its light and air.

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remote parts of the body. We have, says a writer, come to feel

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inal cavity was walled off with gauze and an iodoform

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iasis with eosinophilia. Later in the case these intermediate cells

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(8) Antipyretics are only exceptionally indicated. The author

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the case is not one of pityriasis rubra pilaris, but is an example of

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