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number of drugs which have proved valuable in the treatment of
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elucidated, and the treatment in each case is admirably summarized.
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Gesellschaft fur Natur- und Heilkunde, October 27, 1902,
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Boston, $3,000 ; Children's Mission to the Children
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find a suitable reception and ultimate assimilation,
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front, to affect the curve itself; or the curve may
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made the earlier age periods less preponderant numerically in
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above and to the right of the incision. The presence
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• lie poisoning of the blood, etc. — may exert on the endocardial
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Transactions of the Orthopedic Association, Philadelphia,
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of the affection, reporting 106 cases of osteomyel-
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This case illustrates one of the most difficult as-
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proceed to "Washington, D. C.and report at Bureau for
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tions at varying intervals between seizures in order to establish a
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ditions in which a difference is made by operation.
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practice. Established twenty years. Wish to retire.
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The necessity for calling attention to this subject has
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the bromide and chloral mixture should be continued.
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6 J ournal Cutaneous and Genito-Urinary Diseases, 1901, p. 255.
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one to acquaint himself with the general trend of opinion in any given
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finger, so that when the operation was completed the
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he will find that his visit was appreciated, and was productive

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