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Shaffer, professor of orthopedic surgery at Cornell
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titioner, in the person of every patient, as soon as the
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The present governor of the city of Lagos, an English colony
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in the country most of the time, out of doors until the
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Nutrition in Pulmonary Tuberculosis. By A. W. Perry,
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reduced to 80 at the highest before a subject of cardiac irritability
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of about half an inch was obtainable from the electrode, and this
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reputation you have here?" The patient confirmed his ques-
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negro. The Queen of Spain, who was attended by the Duchess
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Compte-Rendu du Service des Enfants Idiots, Epilep-
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of infections in organs beyond the surgeon's reach,
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innumerable obstacles and perils, to the peaceful haven of health
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tive. Opinion in all Branches of Medicine, and Surgery,
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to the well side in order to diminish the influence
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of course, an inevitable feature, more often in the
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it is apt to destroy the appetite, and interfere with the activity of
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with the result that it instantly relieved the pain.
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its manner of onset, its character, its effect upon
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G.Davis, MI). Illustrated. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's
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(Fig. 3). The patient was a girl of eighteen years of

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