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cases has acted more rapidly, giving lasting results.

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The cultures were not completely carried out in the

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ing frequently after an attempt to take a meal or any

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tion the temperature was 103°, pulse 140 and irregular

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If they fail to find some falling of hair, some iri-

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as far as possible by personal observation, the physi-

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the vaccination is the cause of this manifestation,

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quently gain access to the system in severe cases of

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in the cases which are subjected to frequent vaginal

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May 23, 1903) says under various conditions animal sera

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tions is exceptional, not the rule, as cases occur,

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was seen for the first time May 12, 1901, when he gave

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a considerable proportion of the cases of chronic convulsive dis-

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ceed to Pensacola, Fla., and report to the acting assistant

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1 Head before The Massachusetts Medical Society, June 10,' 1002.

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eralization of the infection. This is the greatest objection urged

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that his efforts have been rewarded. I beg to be permitted, just

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