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terial presented, but that material is itself vicious.
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ing nerves, and she died in September, 1899, with in-
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sensation, but not motion, on the left. Each week, however,
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grain to a grain was taken at a time, and the first
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theria-like bacillus and the so-called pseudo forms.
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mixed infection : D. S , a child twenty-five months of age,
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very good pay. One other physician. Will sell for price
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setts, 220; resolve to provide for an investigation and a report by the
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thing else, and left undisturbed for three weeks, when if every-
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the state hospitals for the insane, state charitable
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drinking dirty cistern water the men swallowed the eggs of these
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closely together that their boundaries cannot be made
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that it was "broken down" with malaria. The microscope re-
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daver, and would like to hear what Dr. McCollom has
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creased, and it was opened by incision through the lip.
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consolidation. Cellers and Billinger consider dry cold to the
ter half of the night; also cramps in the hands with
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cipal infectious diseases (smallpox, measles, scarlet fever,
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Plate III. —Sputum. Pncumococcus Pneumonia. Pneumo-
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June 15. Amount of bile diminished ; stools normal.
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exposure. The immediate effect of the focus tube was to render
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and the book is one of great interest and value to the practitioner. It
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taught, perhaps, to protect himself from its chill.

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