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believing that they deserve to be used, call atten-
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in elderly women. The first patient was fifty-seven, suffering
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the sputum of a patient with chronic bronchitis for
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the characteristic lesions of the disease, and can again be isolated
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The modern method is the use of the cystoscope. Lewandow-
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of the three general forms of electricity, viz., the faradic, gal-
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and assigned to duty at San Francisco, Cal. March 20, 1902.
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docardium, pericardium, and muscle, occasionally the meninges
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method, Bryant, J. D., 108; the teaching of surgery, Burrell, H. L.,
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Percussion of the epigastrium as a diagnostic aid in
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presented to us either at the bedside or in our offices. I might
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Mediastinal lymphosarcoma with x-ray dermatitis, Cutler, E. G.,
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it is unnecessary to go again into detail in regard
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vaccinated, and have almost invariably succeeded. In
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discretion in diet, followed by vomiting, slight fever
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later on a spring steel brace was substituted. There

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