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the disinclination to examine too carefully patients
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personally I have not obtained satisfactory results
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a man of thirty, had been " going it " for two weeks,
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a few weeks or a few months. He states that he would
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followed the blow. Arising soon, he walked about for
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portance of care in testing for the Babinski reflex.
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the third to the eighth day, when secretions are getting scant and
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of the old phthisical condition. I prescribed morphin,
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which are not so accessible, and where the diagnosis is more diffi-
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lowest at the back of the neck, and in boys in the lank hair back
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men, and they scatter plague broadcast over an unin-
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left a few feet from her with the intention of enticing
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tube, which was, however, taken with difficulty. Sud-
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from a deficiency of hydrochloric acid, and that we
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tion and of nitrobenzol poisoning. The presence of megaloblasts
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turned with a fresh attack of asthma, which he attrib-
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IX. Illustrated. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co.
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Aug. 9, 1901, I saw, in consultation with Drs. Hatch of
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for a reproduction here. Still, we cannot fully understand these
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the result of food infection from those in which the infection is
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The areas of Langerhans are somewhat more numerous than
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nite post-operative features which are of great in-
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that the quantity of oxygen in the spray would be small, yet there
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of blood, amounting to twenty cubic millimeters, is taken on the
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hunde") is under the patronage of the Grand Duke of Baden,
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operator can close the cleft and make it a surgical
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ing the last year the patient says she has lost forty-live
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prevention of the disease being easily attained by open air, abstin-
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ture made. The skiagraph showed a complete fracture,
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out with a curette. The skin was then sewed up with
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represent the service at meeting of International Sanitary
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tesimal quantity? The following theory may not be worthy of
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of not less than one-fifth of the whole iris, and great care should
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where necessary ; thorough disinfection of smallpox

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